5 years and counting! The story of Cake Smash Props (so far)

September 18, 2017 1 Comment

5 years and counting! The story of Cake Smash Props (so far)

It’s hard for us to believe it (because the time really has flown by) but Cake Smash Props is five years old this month! It’s the perfect time for celebration because Cake Smash Props founder Laurraine is celebrating a birthday too (21 again). This also makes it a great time to recap, regroup and remember the Cake Smash Props highlights so far (skimming over any minor low points of course).

Birthday girl Laurraine was taught to sew by her Mum when she was only little. Many cross-stitch patterns later, she moved on to creating a couple of wardrobes full of Sindy clothes and a slightly wonky patchwork bedcover. It was during this time her interest in all things fabric-related became a little bit of an obsession and Laurraine’s life from there on in always included sewing -  in her spare time at least.

It wasn’t until after the birth of her first child that Laurraine considered making her handcrafted hobby her business.

The appeal of finding a way of earning some money whilst enjoying her baby’s early years sparked a moneymaking scheme and before long she was sewing curtains with one hand and changing nappies with the other. Word soon spread about her nifty stitchery skills and the mini-business quickly grew into a full on soft-furnishing design and furniture import business - phew.

Following that (and over the following years) Laurraine ventured in a few different directions (some better suited to her than others) but she eventually found her way back to her sewing machine and ‘Oopsie Daisy’ designs was born.

Selling handmade clothes for babies, kids and women and also home accessories and gifts, the business ticked along nicely for a while in a frenzied flurry of lace, buttons and yards and yards of fabric.

Then along came the lovely Karen from KW photography. As a specialist in newborn, family and baby photography - as well as an amazing Cake Smash photographer, she was both interesting and inspirational (and incredibly persuasive). Initially she’d got in touch with Oopsie Daisy because she needed newborn baby bonnets and photography props for baby photo shoots (which we happily provided) but she also introduced Laurraine to the world of Cake Smash which was unexplored territory at that point.

Together, Karen and Laurraine came up with the Cake Smash Props concept.

A mail order business providing beautifully handmade props and accessories, specially for Cake Smash Photo Shoots. An online shop selling hand crafted garments and accessories which would stand up to the wriggliest toddler but look gorgeous in the process.

As Karen’s photography business (her main passion) was blossoming, it soon became clear that she just wasn’t going to have spare time to dedicate to the new Cake Smash Props project (she barely had time to make it to the bottom of a cup of coffee) but Laurraine was starting to see how much potential this crazy new Cake Smash trend could have. Cake Smash Props was giving Laurraine an opportunity to design some beautifully creative outfits and props - and demand was growing, so she ran with it.

Then followed 5 years of bustling photography shows, a steady flow of orders, a shiny new website and a lot of activity on social media.

As well as building up a contact book of lots of brilliant photographers and parents, Laurraine got to see her gorgeous props appearing in photographs all over the place. Cake Smash Props may have been based in a bedroom - but it was a proper business!

Laurraine loves the fact that she gets to be creative every day, and every day is different. “It’s great that I get so many requests for custom orders. Some photographers call up with the wildest ideas and I have to get my thinking cap on and come up with something perfect for them. That’s the kind of challenge I like” she says.

Only recently the Cake Smash Props HQ moved to a grand new office (at the other end of the house).

“Working from home is super convenient”, says Laurraine, “but now we’ve converted a dedicated space into a workroom, it’s so much nicer than being stuck in the spare bedroom… There’s room for all my fabrics and machines - and I’ve been able to take on an assistant to help out with all the orders (because there’s now enough room for a desk for her).”

Laurraine’s definitely not resting on her laurels now though. With 3 big photography shows booked in the next year for Cake Smash Props, and plans in the pipeline for some fabulous new ranges, it’s set to be a busy 12 months.

“I've loved every minute of the Cake Smash Props journey so far and am looking forward to the next five years,” says Laurraine. “I really enjoy getting messages from happy customers, seeing the props in action and chatting to customers about their projects so I’m hoping to continue for a good while yet. This business wouldn’t exist without my brilliant, talented customers - so all through September, we’re saying thank-you, Cake Smash style”.

So to celebrate 5 years of Cake Smash Props, we’re giving away one of our special, glittery hand crafted crowns with every order, all through September.

Thanks so much for supporting us and here’s to a smashing future - together.

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October 10, 2018

Awww great to see how amazing you have made Cake Smash props!!

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