A brand new workspace for Cake Smash Props

June 16, 2017

A brand new workspace for Cake Smash Props

It’s a new chapter for our photography props business

The last five years has seen Cake Smash Props start up (after a lot of persuasion from my fabulous friend), grow  (with the help of yards of fabric and a bucketload of trim) and blossom into what I now proudly call ‘a proper little business’ (largely because of you wonderful customers).
Up until now, the Cake Smash Props HQ has had many guises. A dining room table here and a cupboard space there. The sofa in front of the telly, the shed in the garden and even the back of the car on the M27 at one rather desperate moment. Although the props which Cake Smash produces have always been beautifully finished, the factory floor has definitely been a little more sweat-shop than showroom.

But now (drumroll) things have changed! The Cake Smash Silent Partner (aka my boyfriend) has been soldiering away for the past month, creating a fabulous workspace for Cake Smash Props to hang out in - and it’s finally up and running. What used to be a dingy and dark back room is now a light and bright studio space, complete with all the essential kit which a busy prop producer could possibly need. There’s even enough space for my able assistant Amy to have her own design and creation area. We are an official design and production studio at last and we have the ideal area for making our pretty baby clothing for photographers.

Now we have the perfect place to create our Cake Smash baby clothing…

Cake Smash Props Fabric
So let me take you on the official tour.  First up is the Cake Smash fabric stash. A whole wall of beautifully stacked fabrics and lace, all ready to turn into Rompers, Ruffle pants and ridiculously cute Cake Smash accessories. Just staring at this sumptuous selection of tactile treasures makes me want to rustle up a couple of tutus.

Next you will see one of our truly essential pieces of kit. It may just look like an iron but when you’ve got to press a hundred yards of super hero bunting before the day’s out, you learn to appreciate the value of this much underrated appliance. We need to press all of our baby garments extremely carefully to make sure they’re perfectly turned out - all ready to become photographer’s props and make their mini models look amazing. As we use such a wide range of special trims, decorative details and lace fabrics - the ironing is always a challenging task in itself (though having a high tech, fold out, state of the art ironing board makes it a lot more fun).

The cutting table’s all kitted out for producing the cutest Cake Smash garments and accessories…

We need plenty of space to spread out our gorgeous printed fabrics and to unravel all those miles of ribbon. There’ll be no more poking myself in the eye whilst I’m measuring with my metre stick now.

When it comes to applying the details to our Cake Smash crowns, head dresses and hairbands, I turn to my trusty glue gun. Non toxic and easy to use, it means that all of our Cake Smash Props are stuck together securely and even the most determined toddler won’t manage to dismantle them before the end of a photo shoot.

The Cake Smash Props Team like a little background music, so the radio has a key position. When the orders come flying in there’s nothing like a burst of floor filling tunes to keep things moving. Whilst we’re over here - just look at that lovely selection of ribbons and trims. That’s what makes our Ruffle Romper Sets, tutus and frilly pants look so brilliant when they’re being used for baby and toddler photo shoots.

Our hand finished baby garments for photo shoots start out on the sewing machine…

Not only do we now have plenty of elbow room whilst we’re busy whizzing up our Cake Smash clothing line, we’ve also got a great view of the garden. Having lots of light really helps with all that fiddly finishing and ensures we get every button lined up and every seam spectacularly straight.

Finally, there’s the technical hub of the Cake Smash Props HQ. This is where we catch up with emails and orders, keep track of what’s going on in the world of baby photography and check who’s liked us on Facebook. One of our most favourite things is receiving photos from all the fabulous photographers and mummies who are using our props. We love seeing all those cute and cuddly babies in their photo shoots - particularly when they’re getting stuck into some seriously good cake.

Now our Cake Smash Props business has got a proper space to call home - here’s hoping the future is bright.

We’re totally inspired by our new work premises - Thanks Mark for all the hard work. Now we’d better stop admiring it and get back to some actual work.

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