For a stylish photo finishing touch, reach for our painted letters and numbers

August 10, 2017

For a stylish photo finishing touch, reach for our painted letters and numbers

As fans of all things fabric-related, we love leafing through the latest copy of Elle Decoration or Homemaker Magazine. We often find inspirational prints or interesting feature details which we can use in our photography prop designs too. One of the style trends which we’ve loved and been inspired by for a good few seasons now (and it doesn’t seem to be going away) is the typography trend.

Cut-out letters, block numbers and carefully constructed  relevant words, either mounted on the wall, lined up on a shelf or standing up and making a statement on the floor.

Whether the cut-out letters letters are a set of initials on the living room mantlepiece, an instruction to ‘Eat’ on the kitchen door or a new baby’s name on the shelf above her cosy cot, they can be a great way of adding interest and a touch of colour to an interior - and they can be just as well suited to a photography set for a Cake Smash Session or children’s birthday photo shoot (we’ve found EAT to be particularly appropriate).

Head honcho at Cake Smash Props, Laurraine is not just a whizz with a sewing machine.

She’s an all round queen of craft so as soon as she spotted the upsurge in interest for cut-out letters and numbers, she also saw the potential for incorporating them into children’s photography shoots. After sourcing some excellent quality, sturdy and baby-friendly cut out numbers and letters, she began customising them in true Cake Smash Props style. Not only did Laurraine select a core range of gorgeous paint colours to create a ‘ready to ship’ collection of letters and numbers, she’s also created some glitzy gold and silver options, plus a range of different ‘ONE’s, decorated to co-ordinate with other items in the Cake Smash Props collection.

You can choose from specially themed letter and number props like our Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse ‘ONE’s or one of our bespoke designs, like our patchwork or star patterns. To add a truly personal touch, how about ordering a set of our letter props to spell out your mini model’s name? You can request a particular colour, or even opt for a  one-off theme or design to compliment the specific shoot or subject that you have in mind. At Cake Smash Props, we always aim to supply exactly what you need, so you can always give us a call or drop us a line if you’d like something extra special.

It’s true to say that our typography-trend inspired letters and numbers have gone down a storm with our customers.

Laurraine has now produced a good few alphabet’s worth of painted letters (though we’re yet to have a request for a ‘Q’) and our ‘no.1’ has unsurprisingly been one of the most popular digits, because of it’s relevance for First Birthday, Cake Smash photo sessions. Some days Laurraine paints so many no.1s that she closes her eyes at night and still sees them floating through her imagination… she says she finds it quite therapeutic though, especially when they’re sparkly.

You can see from this blog that there are plenty of different, brilliant ways to use our letters and numbers within Cake Smash and Photography sessions.

(Thank you as always peeps for the lovely photos.) Whether it’s a beautiful newborn baby, captured alongside their brand new name, a birthday girl or boy playing with a ‘number 1’ or if you’re just creating some fabulous portrait photos and you’d like a little extra background interest, our letters and numbers for photography shoots could well be the perfect props for you.

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