Kapow! Superhero accessories for Cake Smash photography

June 29, 2017

Kapow! Superhero accessories for Cake Smash photography

One of the brilliant things about Cake Smash is that it gives the boys a great opportunity to get dressed up and strike a pose - as well as the girls. At Cake Smash Props, we’re definitely not all about frills and flowers. In fact we sell even more of our cake smash accessories to mums of boys and for boy photo shoots than we do girls, and it’s our bold and bright superhero cake smash sets that are powering ahead in popularity. 

Our Cake Smash Superhero sets make fantastic props for photo shoots.

They’re perfect for brilliant pictures capturing your mini superheroes pummelling and kapow-ing their Birthday cakes for all they’re worth. All of our Superhero Cake Smash Props are beautifully and individually handmade at our Dorset HQ. Inspired by the classics, our superhero sets combine the swooshiest capes with masks, cuffs and matching pants. There are plenty of colours and designs to choose from and we can supply sizes varying from newborn baby to much bigger. Because of our ability to custom-make to order, we can supply exactly what you and your clients are after, every time.

As with all of our Cake Smash Props, our Superhero sets are created using soft, baby friendly fabrics and designs. 

Easy to put onto the wriggliest babies and children, and safe for them to power around in for the whole photoshoot so everyone’s happy; baby, photographer and client. Our Superhero sets also make great party dressing-up outfits for the little ones - as well as being brilliant at creating the perfect picture.

We’ve used some retro Superhero graphic prints as part of our Super Hero collection too. Emblazoned with ‘POW’ ‘Wham’ and ‘Zap’ they’re fun and fabulous and we’ve even developed a version of our classic number 1 babygro, pants and party hat set - perfect for a birthday boy.

For newborn baby photography, we’ve created a gorgeous mini Super-Baby cape that makes for a seriously super cute result when combined with cuffs, pants and a mask. We often have these and other props in stock on the website, in our ‘ready to ship’ collection - all ready to post straight out super-speedily to you if you’re in a rush to receive them.

Integrating a Super Hero theme into a Cake Smash photo shoot makes perfect sense. 

For boisterous babies who can’t wait to get stuck in, a cape and mask will perfectly reflect their ‘get up and go’ attitude. If your mini male model is channelling Batman, Superman or Captain America, we’ve got a Super Hero style which will suit him down to the ground. We’ve even created a special Prince Mickey Set, complete with crown, cape and bow tie, which is proving to be super popular with the little ones.

To add oven more ‘POW’ to proceedings, why not incorporate some of our Super Hero props?  

Our ‘Pow’ bunting makes a strong statement, is perfect for parties and it looks brilliant mixed in with our 'Stars garland'. Adding in a colourful number or name finishes things off nicely and we can provide them painted in a colour that co-ordinates beautifully with your mini Superhero’s outfit.

We’ve got plenty of Superhero styles to choose from and they look great on both the boys and the girls. If however your model or client is keen to keep to pink, we’ve got a gorgeous mixed pink superhero outfit that super girls will really love… and which co-ordinate perfectly with cake sprinkles. You can see one outfit here, modelled by Super Emmy!

This gorgeous girl is a little fighter, just over 12 weeks ago she underwent open heart surgery and as you can see she is doing very well, celebrating her 1st Birthday with a fab Smash & Splash session! 

At Cake Smash, we love to see the results of the photography shoots that feature our products.

It’s true to say that the  Superhero props are some of our favourites so whether you’re styling up a simple portrait shot, hosting a full-on Cake Smash session or you just want something jolly to bring a little colour to a shoot, our Super Hero collection could be the ideal place to seek out some inspiration.

From the tiniest super-baby through to a pre-school sized Superhero, our custom creations are fun, easy to put on (and take off) and can be worn and washed so you can use them over and over again. Take a browse through the full range here and if you would like to place an order - pop to our shop. If you have any questions about how we can help you supercharge your shoot, just give us a call or drop us a line.

The lovely photos featured in this post are from: monkeytalesphotography.co.uk, madewithphotography.co.uk and blossomphotography.co.uk. Pop over to their websites for more of the same.

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